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Warehouse Will is another block moving Puzzle Game. Object of Warehouse Will is to push the crates on the warehouse floor over the squares marked in yellow. Crates may only be pushed but not pulled.

Game Instructions:
– Move Will around the warehouse using the arrow keys. To move a crate, simply push the arrow in the direction of the crate.
– Warehouse Will is only strong enough to push one crate at a time.
– The level ends automatically when all the crates have been placed, in the marked locations.
– You can change to other levels using the “Prev”, and “Next” buttons, or the “Jump To…” button.
– If you make a mistake, you can Undo up to 500 moves. And if you really mess up, the Reset button will reset the level to the initial setup.

This puzzle game will keep you busy for a long while as there are 197 levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!

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