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BaffleBees is an interesting strategy puzzle game where you have to fill all the hexes with honey. It’s looks a bit like a puzzle game called LightOut but I thinks BaffleBees is a more puzzle fun.

The object of BaffleBees is to fill the hive (game board) with honey. At the start there are a number of spaces of the game board that don’t have honey in them. You have to find those spaces and fill the with honey by moving 26 bees around.

Bees fill any hexes they are on and that are next to them. If an adjacent cell is empty, a bee will fill it. If an adjacent cell is full, a bee will empty it. But there is a catch. Also the place where the bees come from are changing according the same rules. Get all the bees in the right places by dragging them around. Once the entire board is full of honey, you win. Happy Puzzling!

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