Gaia 3D Puzzle

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Gaia 3D Puzzle is an innovative 3D puzzle game to play your favorite images as jigsaw puzzles on your computer, but without the problems of the classic jigsaw puzzles. It is also a more convenient way to play puzzles than the other computer puzzle games found on the Internet. It adds a superior level of realism and a more friendly interface to manage your puzzle games.

The number of places is limited to the first people who join the beta program in the member area. The beta version of this puzzle game is fully functional and it is made available for a short period of time. Gamers interested are invited to apply to the beta program right now. As soon as the game has been properly tested, it will be released in final version and sold.

Because the game is available in English and French, gamers of both languages are needed. The beta program aims particularly gamers with a particular interest for jigsaw puzzles (on table).

The game is designed to be played on Windows 2000/XP/Vista platforms on a personal computer with a 3D graphic card. [via newswire]

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