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Next to Paso Doble, Joker-Games also offers another online puzzle game called Just Skidding.

Object of Just Skidding is very simple: make a worm reach the apple. You control the worm in fifty levels of increasing difficulty. You move the worm with the arrow keys, or with the h-j-k-l keys.

Every movement with the worm from one tile to another tile creates a force of reaction which tends to push back the starting tile, which, if free to move back, slides until it reaches either another tile or the border of the game board. By moving the worm wisely, you can modify the layout of the tiles until a path is created which brings you to the apple.

Just Skidding also features these kinds of special objects:
– Ice tiles. They are slippery, and your worm tends to go straight on out of your control.
– Carnivorous plants. The only possible cause of death for your worm. They are particularly dangerous when close to frozen tiles.

Happy puzzling again, thanks to Joker-Games.

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