Slitherlink and Sudoku – Puzzle Book by Nikoli

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Slitherlink & Sudoku is a new puzzle book by Nikoli which is available from

Slitherink are engaging logic puzzles with some simple rules and four numbers: 0, 1, 2, and 3. They are Nikoli’s original creations and as, known as Sli-Lin in Japan, and they provide endless enjoyment. Nikoli is famous for their puzzle books as all puzzles are hand made without using a computer.

The grid features scattered dots and numbers; connect the dots with a vertical or horizontal line until you’ve created a single loop with no crossings or branches. The trick is that when you reach a number, its value determines how many lines, or ‘walls’ surround it.

For extra solving pleasure, the collection also includes 45 Sudoku. You can buy Slitherlink and Sudoku from for US$ 6.95. Happy Puzzling!

You can also buy other Nikoli Slitherlink puzzle books from

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