17 Puzzle Games for iPhone / iPod Touch

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Puzzle developer Alex has released a new version of Puzzle Maniak 0.2 for the iPhone (1.1.3) and iPod Touch (1.1.1). This version of Puzzle Maniak inlcudes 17 different puzzle games.

The list of puzzle games contains (in alphabetic order): Blackbox, Bridges, Dominosa, Flip, Galaxies, Guess (aka Mastermind), Light Up (aka Akari), Loopy (aka Slitherlink), Map, Net (aka Netwalk), Netslide, Pattern (aka Picross), Samegame, Slant, Rectangles, Tents and Untangle (aka Planarity).

With this new release it is also possible to save your scores. As I look at the comments there are still some bugs but they are solved very quickly, just as all feedback which is given. Thanks to Alex for this great collection of puzzle games. Happy Puzzling!

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