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BrickS is an interesting Flash puzzle game in which you have to make three or more of a kind of a certain color. The puzzle part is that you need to change colors of the bricks by clicking on them, but the Bricks change colors based on the color they are pointing to.

Each brick has an arrow on it that points to another brick. The brick the arrow points to is the color it will turn when you click on it. BrickS gets complicated because you have to remember to look at the arrow before clicking a brick. Combinations of at least four bricks creates a Bonus Star Brick, combinations of at least five bricks produces a Super Bonus Brick. Use these for extra points. When a Super Bonus Brick is triggered it will collect all bricks of the particular color.

Downside of BrickS is that it is not always easy to see the colors in the vast amount of arrows. Anyway, happy puzzling.

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