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DropSum is an addictive online math puzzle game created by Nick Harper that takes logic and quick thinking to survive.

The object of DropSum is to take the random numbers you are given and make rows or columns that add up to the number 9. The game board consists of seven columns and seven rows. Place each number in the column of your choice by clicking on it.

Make as many combinations of nine as possible. Once you make a combination that adds up to 9, the numbers that made that combination of 9 turn blue. When you make another combination of 9 which contains a blue number it will turn yellow. When a yellow number is part of a combination of 9 it will turn red and when a red 9 is another combination of 9 it will disappear from the game grid and the numbers above it fall down and can make another combination of 9. The game ends when the game grid is completely filled with numbers.

Players need to make a certain number of combinations of 9 before moving to the next level. The combinations of 9 that are needed to make it to the next level are off to the side of the board. There is a grid containing little bubbles and the number of bubbles that are shaded dark gray are the number of combinations of 9 the player needs to achieve before making it to the next level.

There are three different game play options available, basic, arcade and timed. Once the game ends, DropSum shows you your brain size and speed. The higher level you can achieve the bigger your brain size. The faster you complete each level the higher your speed. Happy Puzzling!

Update : Dropsum (iTunes link alert) is also available for iPhone.

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