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The Mind Bender – Online Puzzle Game


The Mind Bender is another Flash puzzle game developed by Armor Games.

Object is to move crates with your telekinesis powers to move through obstacles and to reach the entry to the next level (a pink triangle). Use the mouse (or the WAD-keys) for moving around and your mouse to move the crate (this is your telekinesis power).There are twenty levels in this puzzle platformer. Happy Puzzling!


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Hopickston – Online Puzzle Game


Hopickston is a new original design and a very nice and addictive puzzle game.

Game play isn’t easy at the start but after a few tries it will become clear. At each turn random numbers of hops are given at the top of the game grid. You can move in four directions as long you end up on the free spot. Spots you have moved over become closed. Gather all the red stones from the board to move up to the next level. If you get stuck and can’t move, closed spots are free but number of [Read More...]

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Open Doors – Online Puzzle Game


Open Doors is a simple looking puzzle game with very challenging levels. It contains one game element (spinning doors) from Puzzle Boy.

Game play for this puzzle games is simple. Just move the square to the X with the arrow keys. Moving through lots doors which you can open just by the way you pass them.Use the R key to reset the level you are playing and press the S key to toggles sound on/off. Enjoy this great puzzle game. Happy Puzzling!

Update : Enjoy more [Read More...]

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Puzzle Boy – Online Puzzle Game


Puzzle Boy is another very addictive Flash Puzzle game which will keep you busy this weekend. Some people may recognise Puzzle Boy as it was once made for the Nintendo Game Boy and known as Kwirk.

The game play of Puzzle Boy is simple, but this puzzle game is so addictive! Object is to guide Puzzle Boy (the little boy in a blue hat) from one end of the screen to the goal by navigating through a series of obstacles (spinning doors, boxes, holes). Sounds very easy but as you move to [Read More...]

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Easter Eggs – Online Puzzle Game


Easter Eggs is a small Flash puzzle games especially for the Easter season.

Object is simple, remove as much eggs as possible. Use your mouse to swap adjacent eggs, when four or more eggs of the same color line up they will disappear and the eggs above will drop down. By swapping the right eggs you can also create multiple lines of eggs and thereby removing more eggs at once. Happy Puzzling!

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Skew Slide – Online Puzzle Game


Skew Slide is a Flash based puzzle game which is another variant of slide game (also known as Puzzle of 15). Skew Slide looks like Lego building block, not only it’s shaped like Lego but also the colors are Lego look-a-like.

Object of Skew Slide is to slide the red and yellow tiles to the ‘goal’ position shown at the right side of the game, in less than 32 moves. A move is the continuous sliding of a tile from one position to another no matter whether its direction is changed during the [Read More...]

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Magnetic – Online Puzzle Game


Magnetic is another nice Flash based puzzle game by LightForce. This puzzle game is originally known as No Walls and designed by Andrea Gilbert.

Magnetic is a single level puzzle game based on tilt. Object is to unite all the blocks into their color groups by sliding them around until they stick together. All blocks move at the same time, except those that are prevented by other blocks. Use the arrow arrows to tilt the tray and press the ‘ctrl’ key to reset the game anytime. Happy Puzzling!

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