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Blockdude – Online Puzzle Game


Blockdude is a remake of an old TI-83 puzzle game called Blockdude, the original game was written by Brandon Sterner.

The objective of the game is to get to the exit, the door. The problem is that you can only move one step up at the time. So you need to move blocks in order to get there. There are eleven levels from the original game plus three bonus levels from another Windows remake. Use your arrow keys to move around (more instructions can be found at the website. Happy Puzzling!


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Tetris Cube – Puzzle Game


Tetris, the world’s most popular video game, is now available as a 3D Tetris Cube.

Object is to take the Tetris cube apart and put it back together again. Sound simple? This addictive new puzzle craze is sure to drive you wild! There are over 14,000 solutions.

There is also Mini Tetris Cube with size (2.8 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches / approx. 7x7x7 cm) and lets you bring you a new obsession with you wherever you go. For one or more brave players, ages 8+. Happy Puzzling!

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AquaCubes – Online Puzzle Game


AquaCubes is a nice Flash Puzzle Game by MoFunZone.

Object is to help your submarine form groups of the same colored squares to get fuel. You can do this by group four or more blocks of the same color. You can do this by sliding columns or rows with your mouse. By sliding the correct row or column you can also create more groups of four of the same color at the same time this is called Super Combo’s. Happy Puzzling!


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Zebra Tile Puzzle


Zebra Puzzle is the latest addition to my puzzle collection and one of the three safari puzzles by Lagoon Puzzles. The other two tile puzzles are Tiger and Leopard.

Object is to arrange all 72 tiles to make a perfect square. You must match all heads and tails of the zebras on all tiles. All colors on the edge of the tiles must also match the adjacent tiles.

Via Give Me A Clue you can find two clues and the the complete solution. Happy Puzzling!

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Bunch – Online Puzzle Game


Bunch is a nice Flash puzzle game by DevLabs Ltd.

The basic idea of Bunch is to create bunches of balls of the same color. This can be achieved by swapping adjacent balls with each other (horizontal or vertical only). The bigger the bunch the more points that a bunch is worth. However not every ball can be swapped with the one next to it. A valid swap is achieved when at least one of the two swapped balls have a ball of the same color next to it in its new position. [Read More...]

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Trism Demo Available


Finally the demo of Trism is available via Demiforce.

Trism is a kind of Bejeweld for the iPhone, The object of Trism is to get three consecutive triangles of the same color along with the blocks falling according to the way your iPhone/iPod Touch is tilted. You can watch a video of the demo of Trism on the iPhone to see how it all works at youtube.

More information about trism (including screenshots) can be found at the Demiforce website.


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Migration – Online Maze Puzzle Game


Via Puzzlinks I found a nice version of a maze puzzle game. The combination between the maze and the real life is in my opinion very thought through.

The object of Migration is to move a gnu to an oasis across a field of varied terrain. Gnus can only move to a zone of the appropriate season, as denoted by sky color. Seasons go Spring (green) -> Summer (yellow) -> Autumn (red) -> Winter (blue) -> Spring. Each time the gnu moves, the season progresses.

In the beginning itís a simple maze but it gets a bit [Read More...]

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