Championship version of ‘Blokus’

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Blokus Portable: Steambot Championship” is an electronic version of the four-player board game and its two-player travel edition for Sony’s PSP.

Two to four players take turns laying down odd-shaped pieces on a grid. The object is to lay down as many pieces as possible before running out of room to place any more. Pieces can be placed only if they match corners with a like-colored piece and don’t touch it otherwise, and if they don’t overlap any other pieces.

The “Steambot Championship” element comes from the cast of player and computer characters, which are taken from the action-RPG “Steambot Chronicles.” The Steambot crowd hangs around the Lobster Inn, a place that seems to serve no purpose other than hosting a variety of Blokus matches. [via dailypress].

Buy the original Blokus Classics Game is available at or buy Blokus at Puzzle Master. Happy Puzzling!

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