Tilted Twister – a Lego Mindstorms Rubik’s Cube Robot

The most famous and ‘best looking’ Rubik’s Cube solver is still Rubot II, but there is a now a new very good looking Rubik’s Cube robot called Tilted Twister. It’s completely made of Lego (of course using LEGO Mindstorms NXT) and is great to look at due to its simplicity. I think almost a minimum of Lego bricks are used.

Tilted Twister this has been designed by Hans Andersson. At YouTube you can find a video of Tilted Twister showing how the robot scans the colors of each side first. Later it calculates the solution and finally it executes it. The best thing of Tilted Twister, is that his designer has created a Tilted Twister website with all the information with the Lego building instructions, as well as with the program for Lego Mindstorms NXT, so you can build your own Tilted Twister. [Via Su.doku.es]. Happy Puzzling!

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