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Twizzle – Online Puzzle Game


Twizzle is a Flash puzzle game by Booblebrook. The object of Twizzle is simple, just move the ball from the center to the outside ring.

In the yellow rings, you can jump back and forth by using the arrow keys, but on the gray rings you have no control over the ball, and the objects your ball collides with then determine its path.

When you get to the mid levels, there are objects that change the direction of a ring, holes that drop you back to the start, and so on. Happy Puzzling!


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Plop Plop Lite – Online Puzzle Game


Plop Plop Lite is a Flash puzzle game that plays like Tetris but works like Collapse, Puyo Puyo and Street Puzzle Fighter, but different in its own way.

Make a group of four or more plops of the same color. To absorb plops, hold down the H-key to charge the plop. Then drop the plop on a group of three or more plops of the same color as the charging plop. By playing it the smart way you can also make a chain combo to charge up your multiplier bar and get lots of extra points!

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Fold-It – Puzzle for Science


Foldit is a revolutionary new computer puzzle game enabling you to contribute to important scientific research. Dr. Treuille is one of the creators of Fold-It, a computer game where users contribute to science by folding proteins.

Fold-it is a 3D puzzle game, basically, where the object is to augment shapes so that there are no “clashes”, (caused by the twiggy things that branch out from the backbones) and various other criteria. The puzzles start out easy, the first eight puzzles are probably tutorials. A little scientist pops up to give you the specifics on each situation, and as you [Read More...]

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Digitz – Online Puzzle Game


Digitz is a nice Flash puzzle game with numbers.

Object is to slide squares with numbers around so adjoining numbers match the levels target number. You can only slide square to eachother when there is a free path available between the two squares. When the target is reached the colored blocks dissappear and part of the board is cleared. Once you get the hang of this game it becomes very addictive!


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Pentultimate Puzzle


The Pentultimate is the last puzzle creation of Jason Smith. It’s a Rubik puzzle type with a dodecahedron shape, and like the original Rubik’s Cube with the same object to have all sides in one color.

The Pentultimate mechanism is made of of 20 triangular and 12 pentagonal shard-like pieces. Every piece has 12 built in female grooves at 12 different vertical levels. The pentultimate contains 820 total individual pieces: 416 of the custom pieces are cast from 26 masters, 152 of the custom pieces are machined in copies of 15 shapes, 568 parts are custom made, counting [Read More...]

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World Of Rings – Online Puzzle Game


World of Rings is an online Flash puzzle game by Absolutist

Object is to destroy all the colored squares on the board by rotating the circles with colored squares. Place them so that you could make a line of at least three squares of one color (in a circle or in a line). You are limited in the number of attempts. After each unsuccessful turn (when you do not manage to destroy any squares), the number of attempts decreases. When the number of attempts reach zero, new squares appear.

Having removed all the squares of one [Read More...]

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Full Board – Online Puzzle Game


Full Board is yet another nice flash puzzle game by Light Force.

Click on an empty position on the grid to mark your start position. Then click the mouse again to move inside the grid horizontally or vertically. Try to draw a path moving through each open square on the grid until all squares are full.

This game soon gets tricky, even level one is not simple and it’s getting more difficult every level, but thatís what makes Full Board so addictive, it makes you want to just get one level further. There are nine levels in total so [Read More...]

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