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Fruit Twirls – Online Puzzle Game


Fruit Twirls is a simple puzzle game becoming much more difficult when your playing for a longer time.

Use your mouse to aim (mouse pointer) and shoot (left mouse button). Try to eliminate as much fruit as you can before they fall down the spiral. Score point by grouping three or more fruits of the same type. At the end of the game you will be able to submit your high score. Happy Puzzling!


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Quarkz – Online Puzzle Game


Quarkz is a nice Flash puzzle game were you have to take control of as much subnuclear matter as possible.

There are two little Quarks battling against each other by trying to control as much subnuclear matter as possible. Click on a field to gain control of it and place a bit of subnuclear matter. Once the particle get to big it becomes unstable – the next click on it starts a nuclear reaction. The one who caused this explosion gains control of the surrounding fields. Particles in corner [Read More...]

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Sudoku Puzzle


If you like puzzles and Conies there is now next to the Crossword version of Converse All Star also the Sudoku version of Convers chucks available. As most Converse lovers make their own version of their Chuck Taylors by writing on them, this is a ideal version of Converse as they can solve the puzzles on them [via]

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Bloc 2 = Bloxorz XL – Online Puzzle Game


Bloc 2 is a variant of the world famous puzzle game Bloxorz. Difference is some different options and a larger game grid.

The object of Bloc 2 is to get the block to fall into the correct hole. You can move the block in the direction you want simply by pressing the four arrow keys. Be aware of the light green supports as they are unstable. Use the supports marked with a “t” to teleport to a specific location. You can use marked supports to activate specific bridges. Happy [Read More...]

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Disney’s Photomosaic: Mickey Mouse Jigsaw Puzzle


This fun jigsaw puzzle by Buffalo Games features thousands of miniature Disney Movie frames combined to make one awesome portrait.

These images were created through an art form known as Photomosaics, a process that relies on the perfect arrangement of thousands of actual screen shots, each taken from the features that Mickey Mouse starred in. Ideal for collectors & Micky fans alike.

Disney Photomosaic: Mickey Mouse is available from Happy Puzzling

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Cog Factory – Online Puzzle Game


Cog Factory is one of the latest puzzle games from FreeWorldGroup.

Your objective in Cog Factory is to group the same colored cogs together in ‘sprocket spirals’. Once three or more cogs of the same color are adjacent to one another, they will connect themselves to the ‘machine’ in the background.

The number of sprocket spirals increases as you progress through the game and the ‘machine’ gets built. To achieve this you must plan ahead which cog you send down which spiral. You only have a limited time before the cogs get ejected [Read More...]

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Passtah – Strategic Puzzle Game


Passtah is a brilliantly strategic Puzzle Game for two players by RecentToys International

Passtah consist of a 3D lattice cube (5x5x5 ) showing the same color at opposite sides (black, red and white), eight black, eight white blocks and a stick to remove blocks from the cube. The blocks stay firmly in place, so you can tilt the Passtah cube to any angle while playing.

Goal of Passtah is to be the first player to make a connection with your colored blocks (black or white) from one side (that has [Read More...]

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