Passtah – Strategic Puzzle Game

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Passtah is a brilliantly strategic Puzzle Game for two players by RecentToys International

Passtah consist of a 3D lattice cube (5x5x5 ) showing the same color at opposite sides (black, red and white), eight black, eight white blocks and a stick to remove blocks from the cube. The blocks stay firmly in place, so you can tilt the Passtah cube to any angle while playing.

Goal of Passtah is to be the first player to make a connection with your colored blocks (black or white) from one side (that has the same color as your blocks) to the opposite side. Take care: your blocks must touch end to end, or overlap, above and below to count as a continuous line.

Passtah can be played from age six and last about 5 to 10 minutes per game.

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