Pentultimate Puzzle

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The Pentultimate is the last puzzle creation of Jason Smith. It’s a Rubik puzzle type with a dodecahedron shape, and like the original Rubik’s Cube with the same object to have all sides in one color.

The Pentultimate mechanism is made of of 20 triangular and 12 pentagonal shard-like pieces. Every piece has 12 built in female grooves at 12 different vertical levels.
The pentultimate contains 820 total individual pieces: 416 of the custom pieces are cast from 26 masters, 152 of the custom pieces are machined in copies of 15 shapes,
568 parts are custom made, counting the 72 tiles, 252 parts come straight from hardware suppliers. In the end, all parts assemble to make only 32 moving parts.

At the Puzzle Forge website, you can find the process of the making of the Pentultimate.

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