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Matt sent me an email about the WiiPocross website, where a lot of things are happening. is probably one of the most accessible, and user-content driven picross (also known Logic Art, Nonogram, Hanjie and Griddlers) sites available. It has nearly 3,500 puzzles and already over 1.5 million games played.

They offer a Puzzle of the Day of course, a dynamic points scheme with three live rankings, voting, custom designer, user profiles, gamer-cards, Wii and PC compatibility and all kinds of other fun and frivolous features.

The main reason Matt contacted me, is that WiiPicross just kicked off their 1st design contest. Submissions are open until the end of May 18th 2008, on the theme of ‘Where You Are’. Their range of puzzles attracts players from all over the world and of all ages. Happy Puzzling!

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