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He/She Puzzle Necklace


If you love your partner and puzzles you can now show it with this Italian He/She Puzzle Necklace.

The He/She puzzle necklace has a stainless steel pendant and diamond chain. The necklace is available via Nomination for $250.

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KDice Social Strategy Puzzle Game


KDice is an online multiplayer social strategy/puzzle game based on Risk and Taro Ito’s Dicewars and designed by Ryan Dewsbury.

The object of KDice is to conquer all of the territories owned by other seven players. KDice is played on a number of predefined 2D (flat maps) containing 27 to 43 territories. Read more on KDice on Wikipedia. Play games to get points to compete in monthly competitions.

If you like this puzzle game you probably also like the Four Color Problem puzzle Game. Happy Puzzling!

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Play Online Sudoku


Finally you can play an unlimited number of Sudoku Puzzle at our Online Puzzle Page.

Online Sudoku is a javascript version of the popular Japanese number game Sudoku. Fill in the Sudoku grid with digits in such a manner that every row, every column and every 3×3 box accommodates the digits 1-9, without repeating any.

There are three levels of Sudoku’s available (Hard, Normal, Easy) to match your Sudoku skill. It’s also possible to save a puzzle so you can continue anytime you want. For more info about how the game [Read More...]

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Free Rice – Word Game


Free Rice is a simple word game and helps to end hunger.

For each word shown and you have to click on one of the four definitions. For each word you get right Free Rice donates 20 grains through the UN World Food Program to help end hunger (The rice is paid for by the sponsors whose names you see on the bottom of your vocabulary screen when you enter a correct answer).

On the right bottom you can see your vocab level. The more correct answer you give the higher the level. After playing this word [Read More...]

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Rollster – Puzzle Game for Mac


Rollster is a fast, puzzle-style action game, where reflex and quick thought are your allies in winning the game.

Filled with beautiful scenery and awesome power-ups, your goal is to collect all the rings and make it to the next level. Be careful with Spikes an other special platforms that may blow up your ball. [via MacUpdate].


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24 Puzzle in 3D


24 Puzzle is a simple Flash puzzle game by Ultimate Arcade.

Object of this larger version of Puzzle of 15, is to order the 24 numbered tiles that float on the 3D sea of electronic space. Click on a numbered title to move it towards the empty field. Happy Puzzling!


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The Ball Puzzle – Online Puzzle Game


The Puzzle Ball is a small but interesting online puzzle game by NewGrounds.

Object is to move the ball toward the target. Use the arrow keys to move the ball around. This sounds easy (although there are no game instructions) but very hard to solve.

You need some puzzle and skills to achieve this puzzling objective. Happy Puzzling!


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