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Nevermore – Online Puzzle Games


Nevermore 1 and Nevermore 2 are two Flash puzzle games by FlashPortal. Nevermore is basically a mixture between a platform, adventure and point and click puzzle game.

Object is to collect all the blue colored coins and enjoy some great art work and fun game play. This will have you hooked on this two puzzle games in no time. Use your arrow keys to move around and press space bar to jump (hold it down for longer jump). Sometime you also need to click an item to turn a handle for example. Happy Puzzling!

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Espilon – Portal like Online Puzzle Game


Epsilon is a Portal look-a-like Flash puzzle game only in Epsilon Portals are referred to as “Wormholes” instead. Use gravity manipulation, wormholes and time fields to complete the challenges.

The challenges in Epsilon are based around solving tasks using various fictional technologies discovered as a result of the LHC experiment at CERN, primarily wormhole manipulation. Other methods include gravity shift, time reversal, and general cognitive dexterity. Use your mouse to drag the wormholes around the edges of each room and press space bar to release/freeze the orb [Read More...]

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A Good Hunch – Online Puzzle Game


A Good Hunch is a nice little Flash puzzle game by Bobblebrook.

Every night, two goats called Tina and Harvey visit each others dreams and make their way to their special place high up in the clouds. Guide these two colorful goats’ ascent with the arrow keys through the summer sky and explore twenty dreamscapes full of moving platforms, teleports and daisy petals.

Play Harvey until he reaches a level’s exit, then jump back in time and switch to Tina, while Harvey’s actions are simultaneously replayed. Cooperation and careful timing are the key [Read More...]

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KaBauble – Online Word Game


KaBauble is an online word building game and a variant of the famous Scrabble word game.

Game Instructions: Drag the pieces onto the game board from the right. All pieces must all be adjacent and cover the yellow circle in the middle. Then search for words, type them in and press the enter-key. Words get the point value of each letter in them, modified by any colored bonus squares they cover and increased by a length bonus for six or seven letter words. Happy Puzzling!

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Red Bugs Puzzle – Online Puzzle Game


Red Bugs Puzzle is a nice block moving Flash puzzle game by Miniclip Games.

Object is to clear the path for the little red bug to reach the yellow flag of each level. Beware of the beetles as they eat red bugs and raspberries, but also for falling blocks as they kill the beetles but also your little red bug. There are then levels to solve for the online version and forty for the down loadable version of Red Bugs Puzzle. Happy Puzzling!


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Lumen – Puzzle Game


Lumen is a simple and beautiful puzzle game by Fiery Ferret for OS X, Windows and soon also for iPhone.

The objective is to light up checkpoints by bouncing, coloring, and maneuvering a laser beam through obstacles. Although puzzles may seem easy at first sight, they can be quite a challenge. The careful attention to detail and the colorful graphics make Lumen a joy to play. You can download Lumen via the Fiery Ferret website. Happy Puzzling!

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2008 Google US Puzzle Championship Announced


The Google U.S. Puzzle Championship will be held on Saturday June 14, 2008 at 1pm ET. Please read the rules and register here before June 12, 2008.

You have no obligation to participate if you register and can submit your answers online. You are given 2 1/2 hours, but you’re not expected to complete all puzzles the given time. Typical puzzles include Sudoku variants and other “grid” puzzles, but there are also a bunch of grab-bag puzzles, like a “spot the difference” puzzle. You can try the practice test if you want a [Read More...]

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