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A few months ago I already wrote about the V-Cube which solves the problem we know with Rubik’s Cube when it has more than three layers. They are very vulnerable and break down very easily. With V-Cube this problem is now solved. V-CUBE products are manufactured under the V-Cube technology, invented and patented worldwide by the Greek engineer Panagiotis Verdes. V-Cube technology made the construction of cubes, of an unlimited number of layers providing safe and smooth rotation possible.

The use of V-Cube technology made feasible the construction of cubes of more than 5 layers, something that believed to be unattainable for over 20 years. In order to prove this, Mr P.Verdes and his team are presenting the V-Cube 6 and the V-Cube 7.

At the same time, V-Cube technology has resulted to the design, construction & industrial production of smoother, safer and sturdier cubes of existing sizes (V-Cube 5). Furthermore, existing know-how & patent ownership allows the construction of more complex designs, such as the V-Cube 11!

V-Cube products are addressed to hobbyists and fans of puzzle games. Their unique features allow literally everyone to enjoy them, regardless the player’s level of experience in such games. Each cube gives you an impetus to exercise and become more mentally fit and sharp!

Officially V-cube has been launched in September 2008 and is available at Puzzle Master Inc.. The V-cube collection starts with five layers for Euro 25 / around US$ 40.

Update: Buy V-Cube 7 Multicolor at Amazon.

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