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Magnetic Match Rings – Puzzle


Magnetic Match Rings is a matching challenge puzzle game with forty pattern cards for individuals to mimic by stacking magnetic rings and the latest addition to my puzzle collection.

If the card’s illustration shows a ring floating, like and opposite poles of the magnets must be used to copy the design correctly. This introduction to magnets helps develop visual skills, eye-hand coordination and problem solving skills. Happy Puzzling!

UPDATE : Magic Match Rings (winner of Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Award) is available from Puzzle Master Inc.


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Filament – Online Puzzle Game


Filament is an online Flash puzzle game with lasers and mirrors from Cathelius.

Object of Filament is to deduce the layout of mirrors inside that box by firing lasers into the box and observing where they exit (in each column and row). Click on a side cell to fire a laser, and after selecting a mirror on the right hand side, clicking in the grid will place a mirror.

Detailed instructions are provided in the game. Happy Puzzling!


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CubiCute – Online 3D Puzzle Game


Cubicute is a simple but original 3D online puzzle game by Christian Zienert.

The object of the CubiCute is to bring all nine squares “upstairs,” or to their largest size. You do this by clicking on the squares. When you click on a square, it changes not only itself, but also any horizontally or vertically adjacent squares.

The graphics are in 3-D anaglyph, and 3-D glasses do enhance the game, but are in no way necessary. Happy Puzzling!


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Spin-In 1 and 2 – Online Puzzle Game


Spin-In 1 and Spin-In 2 are just two another addicting and funny Flash puzzle games from Puzzle4u and looks a bit like puzzle game Rush Hour.

Object of Spin-In 1 puzzle game is to get Smiley-tile out of the game board on the right side. This by pressing the arrow keys to tilt the board. In addition you can use the “R” key to reset the board and the “U” key to revisit your previous moves. It’s also possible to remove unwanted tiles via the exit. There are in total [Read More...]

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Sudoku National Championship


Mark your calendars for the largest puzzle championship in the United States! The Philadelphia Inquirer Sudoku National Championship is in Philly on October 25, 2008 and there are over US$20,000 in cash prizes for different skill levels as well as other different groupings.

The special host is none other than world-renowned puzzle master Will Shortz, and the special guest is Maki Kaji, “the man who gave Sudoku its name.” Visit the Sudoku webpage at the The Philadelphia Inquire website for more information and to register. Here you can also find some Sudoku [Read More...]

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Colored Pixel Puzzle Book


BigFlyGames has published their first puzzle book called ‘PrismaPixels; Colored Pixel Puzzles’.

This picture logic puzzle book is the first of its kind, a pixel puzzle book in full color. There are many black and white pixel puzzle books out that have been gaining in popularity over the past ten years. They appear under such names as Picture Logic Puzzles, O’ekaki, Paint By Numbers, and simply Pixel Puzzles.

You can also find colored pixel puzzles online, but up until now, not in book form. ‘PrismaPixels; Colored Pixel Puzzles’ contains eighty pages with over fifty logic puzzles ranging from [Read More...]

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Advertisements with Puzzles


Last week I found several advertisements on the internet all using puzzles to attract the attention of their potential customers.

Honda Problem Playground Website and a video of The Making of Honda Problem Playground at youtube. From the zero emission FCX Clarity car to the Civic Hybrid and Clean Diesel i-DTEC engine – learn how Honda is creating products with less impact on the environment.

Rubik’s Cube: 25th Anniversary and still going [by DDB in New Zealand].

Red Bull Jigsaw Puzzle [Read More...]

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