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Fantastic Contraption is a brilliant flash-based physics-puzzle game similar to Armadillo Run or The Incredible Machine. You are given a selection of simple tools (wheels and sticks) and have to build a contraption that can overcome an obstacle.

Fantastic Contraption looks a lot like Tinker Toys; it isn’t one of those physics games where you get a million tools but the beauty of Fantastic Contraption comes with its simplicity and it’s easy to imagine a variety of solutions for each puzzle. Object is to get the pink ball to reach the pink goal. Just drag and drop the tools you need to solve each level to the game grid and press the start button on the left top.

You can save your solutions and design your own levels. It offers a handy way to link to them so you can share you designs directly with other puzzle lovers. Happy Puzzling!

Update : There is also an iPhone,  iPod and iPad version of  Fantastic Contraption available from Apple’s iTunes Store.

Update 2 : Enjoy also Fantastic Contraption 2.

Update 3: Buy Return of The Incredible Machine: Contraptions for PC or Mac at Amazon

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