Maze in Maize Theme 2008: Pharaohs

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This year Maze in Maize theme is Ancient Egypt and the Maze for 2008 in the shape of a Egyptian Pharaoh and opens this year at the 19th of July. Maze in Maize can be found in Sound Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom.

Why not lose yourself (or your children!) in a living puzzle cut into a field of maize? Venture into Ancient Egypt, solve the mysteries of the Pharaohs to find your way through the maze. After navigating your way through the maze, you can relax in a picnic area where fresh ground coffee, tea, cold drinks, snacks and ice creams are available. Play the giant games and puzzles, and then let the children try their own ‘Mini Mazes’. Hours of fun for the whole family. A new additions for 2008 is Go-Karts. You can find Maze in Maize in

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