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Puzzle Calendar is a colorful and whimsical way to track time.

Your desktop calendar. Look at it. All plain and vanilla-boring. Blue squares on white paper, perhaps scribbled with dentist appointments or Mom’s birthday. Maybe there’s a cute calico-kitten-photo above that says “Hang in there!” It’s enough to make you want to rethink your very existence.

Lucky for you, the calendar you use to keep track of days of the week and major events is made from puzzle tiles. Not only does the Puzzle Calendar keep your brain wrapped around your busy schedule, but it keeps your fidgety fingers occupied – it’s got the added bonus of letting you play with puzzle tiles while on the job.

– Re-arrange the blocks to change the look of your calendar each month
– Use the icon blocks to flag special events
– 77 tiles with dates, days, blanks and icons to describe your month
– Not Lego compatible

Available for approx US$ 10.00 via Puzzle Master.

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