Rubik’s Ice Cube (2×2)

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Rubik’s Ice Cube is the latest addition to my puzzle collection. This one I found in a little toy shop in Rapla (Estonia). I saw some more puzzles but as I was on a cycling tour from Riga to Tallinn I thought it was not a good idea to carry more stuff with me (more about this trip will follow soon somewhere on this website).

Rubik’s Ice cube is a 2×2 version of the original Rubik’s cube puzzle (3×3). The objective is the same as its bigger brother, turn each side in a combination of moves returning it to six solid colored sides. Rubik’s Ice Cube offers the same geometric and logical skills building as its larger sibling. If you’ve already mastered Rubik’s Cube, the Ice Cube uses the same principles. If you haven’t mastered its big brother, Rubik’s Ice Cube is a great place to start learning the logical approach to its solution.

The Rubik’s Ice Cube includes an iceberg stand to display your magnificent achievement. Rubik’s Ice Cube is available from Amazon and Puzzle Master Inc.

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