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Blokus 3D is something to look forward to for the year 2010. However, via GameBoard I found out Blokus 3D is already available in Australia.

Blokus 3D looks a lot like puzzle game Rumis which comes with additional starting maps for different initial piece placement. This is the game that Educational Insights, makers of Blokus, will integrate into their Blokus line and call it Blokus 3D.

Educational Insights is already publishing their version of Rumis and one can expect the game play to be about the same but they will redesign the look. Happy Puzzling!

UPDATE: Buy Blokus Classics Game or Blokus 3D at or buy Blokus from Puzzle Master Inc.

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  1. porterhouse August 13, 2008 at 21:32

    Can’t wait to see it! Looks like it will be available in the US late October:

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