Cubox 1, 2 and 3 – Online Puzzle Game

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Cubox, Cubox 2 and Cubox 3 are three nice little online puzzle game by

Object of Cubox is to rearrange your Cubox to make your room look like the finished room on the left top. If you exceed the expected amount of moves, you will lose 1 life block for each additional move. If you press the reset button, you also will lose 1 life block. Your game will end once your life blocks have been exhausted. Later in the game some additional items will be added like bumpers, sensors, transformers, teleporters and much more. The help function (?) will explain you all in a few slides. In each Cubox version there are six levels in total (A-F) with each 8 puzzles to solve in Cubox. Happy Puzzling

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