Vexus Puzzles – Isolate and Navigrid

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Vexus Puzzle is a web site that features two new and original logic puzzles. The two puzzle available are Navigrid and Isolate.

Navigrid is a logic puzzle in the style of Sudoku and Kakuro. It’s a puzzle that requires you to fill a sequence of numbers into a grid. The trick is that there are only a set number of moves that can be made between two consecutive numbers. These moves are listed below the grid and each can only be used once.

Isolate is a logic puzzle in the style of popular Japanese puzzles such as Slitherlink and Masyu where solvers are required to fill a grid with lines to fulfil a given criteria. It requires you to divide a grid into sections of different sizes which are listed below the grid. Each section must contain exactly two squares with blocks in them and each internal point in the grid must have at least two line segments connected to it. [via Puzzlinks] Happy Puzzling!

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