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Word Cube is was a word formation puzzle game for Facebook and is similar to WordTwist or Bookworm. The difference, obviously, is that players work via a cube. Now you can play Word Cube online for free on Kongregate.

Word Cube starts with a five minute timer and players click on any visible letter, illuminating all eight adjacent letters as they attempt to connect them together in order to form words. However, unlike other word play games, the design is quite original.

The game sits in an isometric view allowing the player to see three sides of the cube. The cube is 3x3x3 and as you use letters, the hue of that letter face gradually becomes a reddish color until the block goes away forever and you have to use the letters beneath it. Furthermore, you can manually remove cubes as you see fit that allow other players to make strategic decisions on improving your score and what letters they choose to use [via Inside Social Games]. Happy Puzzling!

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    You can now also play Word Cube online via free online game site Kongregate.

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