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Z-Rox is a really innovative brain/puzzle by Smart-Kit. This online Flash Puzzle game starts off easy, and then gets difficult, very difficult!

Z-Rox asks you to identify a given letter, number, shape, or symbol but all it shows you is a single line cross-section as it moves from top to bottom–like a copying machine. There are 100 different brain puzzles currently for Z-Rox.

Some important notes from the creator, Evil-Dog:
– Don’t forget, it can be anything, letters, numbers, shapes, symbols, objects.
– Answers are in English and can be words, not just keyboard keys.
– Pay attention to the tutorial
– Solve the puzzles with friends when it’s too hard
– Sleep on it when you can’t find the answer and try again with a fresh brain.
– Drawing helps understanding what you see.

[Via Puzzlinks]. Happy Puzzling!

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