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Penrose Press announced that it will publish the ONEXENO Puzzle Card Game in mid-October 2008.

ONEXENO is a deck of cards inspired by an ancient Mayan designs, combined with modern based on high-tech pattern matching technology. The game is slated for release in November 2008 and will each cost US$19.50.

The announcement comes with Penrose Press’s unveiling of of the ONEXENO website. The website includes the rules for three games — ONEXENO Basic, ONEXENO Solitaire and ONEXENO Canasta. The deck includes 70 unique square cards that are the mathematically complete set of all cards of this type.

ONEXENO Basic is an exciting tabletop card game that may be played by 2 to 7 players, or by 2 or 3 sets of partners. This is a truly family game that engages players from age 7 to 70. Players collect points by forming rows of edge-matching cards.

ONEXENO Solitaire is solo puzzle game played by one player. The object of the game is for the player to complete an 8X8 square arrangement of cards in which the edges of all cards match. Much like traditional Klondike solitaire, the player proceeds through a stack of cards attempting to place them in the current playing field.

ONEXENO Make-20 Canasta is rummy-style game played by two to four players. To play with more players, additional decks are required. Players meld points by forming rows of cards. Card rows adding up to twenty are called XENOs. Players receive an additional 10 points for each XENO that they make.

The official rules and order forms for these ONEXENO are on the Onexeno website [via PressMediaWire]

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