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Well if we like puzzle games, probably also our dog like a puzzle challenge.

Pet product manufacturer Trixie has launched three puzzle toys designed to mentally challenge dogs and reward them for using natural instincts. The toys are graded according to level, allowing owners to gradually develop their dogs problem-solving skills.

Trixie said: “Running for a ball challenges a dog physically, while these toys are designed to challenge them mentally. Activity toys of varying designs have become increasingly popular in recent years, which can only be fun for dogs and for their owners.”

The beginners-level toy is the Dog Activity Gamble Box, which contains hidden treats. The dog is encouraged by the scent to open the various draws and compartments of the box and hunt out the treats. The Dog Activity Gamble Box retails at £13. The level-two toy, The Dog Activity Kicker, provides a greater challenge, as a dog must push a slider with its nose to expose a tube filled with treats. It retails at £17.60.

Trixie’s level three toy is designed for advanced dogs. Dog Activity Chess, which retails at £33.90, consists of a board of pins that can be removed to reveal a hidden compartment containing treats. As an extra challenge the treats are placed low in the recess of the compartment, so a dog must use its paws to remove them.

Each toy features non-slip rubber feet to keep it standing still. The puzzle packs also include training instructions and tips from their creator, behaviourist Jens Reinhold. [via Glee Birmingham]

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  1. KT October 29, 2008 at 14:52

    Wow, these people think of everything.

  2. passionforpuzzles October 29, 2008 at 16:52

    Well, I was also surprised and even more surprised by the dogs that can solve the puzzles. When I was young we had a dog which was very handy in opening a sigar box (with some meat inside). But this is way much smarter !!

  3. Anonymous July 13, 2009 at 19:28

    My dog has doggy chess but found it really easy as she she only had to pick up piece and slide the blocks (she had doggy dominoes before).

    I tried doggy turbo puzzle thinking she have to push with nose or paw but she cheats and just licks at treat with tongue pushing it to exit.. lol!

    I think she would find the kicker toy more challenging as she cant cheat and get to the treat without actually learning to push with her nose first!

    I'm thinking of getting her one for xmas.


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