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Orb-A-Licious is some kind of multi-variant of Lights Out.

The goal of Orb-A-Licious is to turn all orbs blue. There are eight game boards with forty orbs on each. To turn orbs blue , select a red orb that borders a blue orb. The orb you select will turn blue, as will all the red orbs surrounding it.

The eight squares above the game grid are indicators that represent each of the eight game boards. As the number of blue and red orbs on each game board change, so will the color of the corresponding indicator. To switch between game boards click on the indicators.

Once all or orbs on a game board are one color , that game board is locked. To win the Orb-A-Licious, be the first to lock five game boards.

Very nice game, but the beginner levels are very easy to win. Happy Puzzling!

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  1. Anonymous November 11, 2008 at 12:59

    Linky no worky. :(

  2. passionforpuzzles November 11, 2008 at 14:08

    Oops I did it again.

    Thanks for reporting. The link is now correct ;-). Happy Puzzling!!

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