Magic 16 Black And White Puzzle Ball

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Magic 16 Black And White Magnetic Puzzle Ball yet another addition to my puzzle collection. Magic 16 is consist of a metal ball which can be opened to store the puzzle pieces (diameter of the ball is 4″ (approx. 10cm).

There are in total 16 black and white puzzle pieces each with a magnet to stick to the ball. This Black And White version has the same puzzle pieces as the colored version of Magic 16 only this time (obviously) with black and white puzzle pieces.

Objective is to put all puzzle pieces back together. There are four solutions to this puzzle. Now I have two Magic 16 puzzles, there are in total 10 solution extra when you exchange the puzzle pieces. Very nice puzzle which will keep you busy for a while.

Although the puzzle is for age 3 and older, I think small children will love to play with this magnetic 3D puzzle. Happy Puzzling!

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