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Christmas Tree Sudoku


The most popular Christmas tradition wears a new shape this year as Conceptis uncovers a 15-grid multi Christmas tree Sudoku puzzle (large version).

According to Frank Rietveld, Manager IPS & International operations of Tazuku at Keesing Group, 600,000 Christmas tree Sudoku posters (shown left) had been stitched to 30 latest issues of Keesing’s Tazuku magazine series including 9 magazines with Conceptis puzzles. “Our goal with the poster” says Rietveld, “is to offer Tazuku fans, including subscribers and random buyers, a nice free extra for the holiday season.”

GAMES Magazine has [Read More...]

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Auditorium – Online Puzzle Game


Auditorium is a nice online puzzle game from a company called Cipher Prime and combines music and light into one addictive puzzle game.

There is no need to tell how to play Auditorium or to explain the object of this puzzle game. Just visit the website Play Auditorium Dot com and don’t forget to switch on your speakers. Auditorium has has beautiful visuals and a hypnotic soundtrack. Happy Puzzling!

Update 1 : Puzzle Game ‘Auditorium’ coming Fall/Winter 2009 to iPhone and will have 25 levels played through 5 acts.

Update 2 : Auditorium iPhone is available [Read More...]

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Jelly Towers – Online Puzzle Game


Jelly Towers it is a funny and challenging 2D puzzle game by Tanoku.

The objective of Jelly Towers is to feed one or more terrifying monsters constructing towers of jellies. Use your mouse to move the jelly blocks into the right position and make sure the right jelly block is in front of the mouth of the monster. Happy Puzzling!


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10 Gnomes – Part 11 The Remains


Part 11 of 10 Gnomes has been released and is called The Remains.

10 Gnomes is a point and click hidden object type of puzzle game and also in this episode of 10 Gnomes you’ll have to find 10 gnomes hidden in the pictures and you have got only ten minutes to do that. Happy Puzzling!

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FrogFly – Online Puzzle Game


FrogFly is a fun Flash puzzle game by Gametion.

Object of FrogFly is to get to a fly by hopping on lily pads. Avoid the Venus fly-trap plants that will eat you and know that the lily pads follow newton’s third law (every action has an equal and opposite reaction). The Ice tiles are slippery, and your Frog tends to go straight on out of your control, Fly Trap plants are the only possible cause of death for your Frog.

A system of passwords allows you to resume the game at the level where you left it, once [Read More...]

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Puzzles For Programmers and Pros – Puzzle Book


Puzzles for Programmers and Pros is for programmers who need to brush up on their puzzle–solving skills as they prepare for the programming job interview. It is also for anyone who love puzzles and challenges.

From the Back Cover: Solving puzzles demands a mindset that starts with a vulnerable openness followed by a rigorous drive to find a solution. Whether you’re preparing for a programming job interview or just like a challenge, this book takes you on a tour of problem–solving techniques so you can dramatically improve your skills. You?ll learn how to conquer [Read More...]

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Quad Clue Sudoku


Quad Clue Sudoku is a brand new Sudoku variant by David Millar from The Griddle.

UPDATE : Quad Clue Sudoku is based upon the original Quadruple Clue Sudoku by Henry Kwok (sorry Henry but it was never the intention to not mention you as the inventor of Quadruple Clue Sudoku, if only we had known before).

The latest quad clue Sudoku sheet contains nine Sudoku puzzles to solve. Each Quad Clue Sudoku puzzle contains features a six by six Sudoku grid with four numbers at some of the grid intersection points. These four numbers correspond [Read More...]

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