SmartMoves : Body Puzzles for the Mind

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Sometimes, a DVD is just a DVD. Not here. SmartMoves: Body Puzzles for the Mind should be on every required watching list. It is innovative, intelligent and intriguing.

SmartMoves is designed for young and old alike! SmartMoves is made up of individual body puzzles, tongue twisters for your whole body and the countless connections between body and mind. SmartMoves combines music, movement and simple geometric shapes in three dimensions. Practicing the movements requires you to be fully engaged and present, to move your body with awareness and intent.

SmartMoves body puzzles are organized by difficulty: Simple, Tricky, and Challenging, in short sequences ranging from two to five minutes in duration. Attention is critical for learning, developing relationships, and decision-making skills.

New research shows that attention can be strengthened through practice and training. SmartMoves is an enjoyable way to do just that. Designed to reduce stress, improve focus and enhance memory, SmartMoves can also improve balance and coordination, which can benefit physical performance in athletics, dance, and beyond.

SmartMoves is now being practiced in classrooms and homes around the world. The educational version is available via Amazon. Happy Puzzling!

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