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CrosScan Puzzles


CrosScan puzzles is a combination of crossword puzzles and word search puzzles, with the answers to crossword style clues to be found in a 15-square word search block.

Each puzzle has a theme, which is hidden through the use of many double meanings in the clues, and will gradually emerge as the puzzle is worked. Puns, humor, and red herring words which don’t fit the theme are included to add extra interest. An average puzzle includes between 40 and 50 words.

At the CrosScan website you can find some printable samples of CrosScan puzzles. Happy Puzzling!


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Rings Of Color – Online Puzzle Game


Rings Of Color is another Lights Out look-a-like online Flash puzzle game.

Object is to match the colored rings around the same colored balls. Just click to rotate the four (they get grey surroundings when you move your mouse over them) rings clockwise until they match the right colors in the center. The first levels are really simple to solve but then the levels gradually gets more challenging. Happy Puzzling!


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Funky Kakuro


Funky Kakuro is a creative variant of the original Kakuro puzzles by David Millar from The Griddle.

Object of Funky Kakuro is to determine which digits belong in which cells using the clues given. Only cells marked with a gray border contain even numbers. Some clues denote which of the adjacent cells has a higher digit. When complete, each vertical and horizontal section should contain digits from 1 to 9 which add to the given sum with no repeated digits. You can download Funky Kakuro in pdf via The Griddle website. [Read More...]

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Perpetual Motion – Online Puzzle Game


Perpetual Motion is an online Flash Puzzle Game at

In Perpetual Motion World Tour you’ll have to travel to 36 exotic locations to solve all the puzzles. Object is to arrange the available props so a perpetual machine is created the runs until the countdown ends. Machines are scored on complexity, you can score extra points for sequence of identical props (the more props in a sequence the higher the score. Happy Puzzling!


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Light-Bot – Online Logic Puzzle Game


Light-bot is an online logic puzzle game in which you control small gray colored robot. You control this bot by giving him instructions in simple symbolic programming language.

Programming language in this game is just inserting graphical icons with actions to small grid and then hit the run button. After you hit this button, bot will execute your instructions.

Object of this logic puzzle game is to give commands to your robot to light up the factory. Very soon you will realize though that using the main method on it’s own is not enough and you will have [Read More...]

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Haunted Mirror Mazes


Haunted Mirror Mazes puzzle has been created by David Millar and is inspired by my mirror maze puzzles from Erich Friedman.

The game grid represents a mirror maze with mirrors and some combination of ghosts, vampires, and zombies. Use the numbers of people seen from outside the maze to determine what entity each dot represents. Some puzzles may contain additional constraints.- A vampire can be seen head on from the edge of the maze, but cannot be seen as a reflection in a mirror.- A ghost cannot be seen head on from the maze edge; only [Read More...]

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Play Online Hidato – Logic Puzzle Game


Hidato is an online logic puzzle game based upon Hidato Puzzle Books by Dr. Gyora Benedek.

Object of Hidato is to complete the sequence of numbers, which must be adjacent either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The puzzles don’t really seem to get much harder as you progress in difficulty. And there is a small number of strategies to learn to solve Hidato. The puzzles remain somewhat easy and only get bigger as the difficulty goes up.

If you like Hidato puzzles you can also purchase Hidato Puzzle Books from [Read More...]

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