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DeConstruction – Online Puzzle Game


DeConstruction is a really exciting puzzle game by PortfolioF.

In DeConstruction you must drop explosives and blow the building. Another good news is that the games has a ‘Level Builder’, it is a little simple but you can personalize and share your maps. You can play the game and use the level builder in the link below.

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Will Shortz Introduces KenKen


KenKen puzzles are created by Japanese educator Tetsuya Miyamoto, but now the worlds most famous puzzle maker Will Shortz will bringing KenKen to the United States this fall. It will be syndicated nationally in newspapers and magazines in September and books will be out in October 2008.

Before the official introduction Will Shortz introduces KenKen and gives a brief play-by-play demonstration of this new puzzle craze on YouTube. More information about KenKen including an online version of KenKen puzzles can be found at

Previously we already wrote several times about KenKen on [Read More...]

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Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition 2008 – Results


Hirokazu Iwasawa’s (a.k.a. Iwahiro) ODD Puzzle became the Puzzle of the Year receiving both Puzzlers’ Award and Jury Grand Prize at The Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition 2008. The event is held annually since 2001 in conjunction with IPP. The ODD Puzzle consists of only three pieces two of which are identical and a box. The goal is just to place all three pieces into the box so that none of them sticks out. Don’t be mislead – the challenge sounds much easier than it really is! No surprise it [Read More...]

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Another Puzzle Photo Frame


Puzzle Photo Frame is a five piece puzzle with a digital clock. Puzzle Photo Frame looks like a Happy Cube.

Rotate it clockwise to display calendar, alarm, timer and temperature orderly. You can also divide the unit into 6 spare parts then form it into different shape. It’s available via at US$12.00.

Here’s another Puzzle Photo Frame we blogged about!

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The URL Riddle – Online Puzzle Game


Gidon Shaviv sent me an email about an puzzle game he created: The URL Riddle game. There URL Riddle contains 20 levels to solve.

The URL Riddle is a game where you have to solve a riddle on each webpage, which will lead you to the next riddle. The answer to each riddle is the address to the next riddle. Happy Puzzling!

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10 Gnomes Part 8 – Water Forge


The latest part of 10 Gnomes has been released and is called Water Forge.

10 Gnomes is a point and click hidden object type of puzzle game and also in this episode of 10 Gnomes you’ll have to find 10 gnomes hidden in the pictures and you have got only ten minutes to do that. Happy Puzzling!

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Word Cube – Online Puzzle Game


Word Cube is was a word formation puzzle game for Facebook and is similar to WordTwist or Bookworm. The difference, obviously, is that players work via a cube. Now you can play Word Cube online for free on Kongregate.

Word Cube starts with a five minute timer and players click on any visible letter, illuminating all eight adjacent letters as they attempt to connect them together in order to form words. However, unlike other word play games, the design is quite original.

The game sits in an isometric view allowing the player to see three [Read More...]

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