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Closed Sauna Escape – Online Puzzle Game


Closed Sauna Escape is a point and click type room escape game by Free2play. Although the text is in Japanese you will still be able to solve it without any knowledge of Japanese.

In this escape game you are locked in a sauna and you try to escape the sauna by finding items and solving puzzles. Happy Puzzling!

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Tunable Maze – Online Puzzle Game


Tunable Maze has been made possible by Oskar van Deventer and is based on a fractal called the Dragons’s Curve.

Object is to manoeuvre the red dot from the bottom row to the right-most column. The controls enable you to increase or reduce the difficulty level of the maze while you are solving it. The applet keeps track of the play level. You can peek at other levels without penalty. However, if you make a move at a lower level, the applet changes the play level to that lower level. You can only reset the play [Read More...]

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Switch – Online Puzzle Game


Switch is an addictive and yet really simple skill/puzzle game based on the premise of collecting balls.

Object is to collect the same colour of balls, otherwise you’ll lose all your balls, and your life. Simply click the mouse to switch colours. Switch starts off quite easily as the first four levels are used as a tutorial, you can choose to skip these and start directly at level five if you like, but it’s worthwhile going through the ground rules. Level 13 red aliens are introduced who will help you along by trading your balls for power [Read More...]

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Telefunguses – Online Puzzle Game


Telefunguses is a 2D overhead online puzzle game created by Varpi Divke and very addicting.

Object of Telefunguses is to take control of Red and Blue to finish the 30 levels with the use of portals. Put out fires and more to reach the end of the levels. It was made for a competition with co-op as the theme, but the game is 100% single player with great graphics and nice sounds. Happy Puzzling!


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Link Five – Online Puzzle Game


Link Five is a nice little puzzle game based upon connect four by

Object is to outsmart the computer by connecting five pieces in a straight line first (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). Watch out, you are facing a very formidable opponent. Happy Puzzling!


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The Simple Book of Not-So-Simple Puzzles


The talented Grabarchuk family have produced a tantalizing collection of highly original puzzles, each with its own set of rules (or rules you have to find yourself). Often geometrical in character, these puzzles are always entertaining and sometimes fiendishly difficult.

This collection of more than one hundred original and highly sophisticated puzzles presents challenges that require creative, outside of the box thinking. Many different types of puzzles are included, such as word, number, logical, visual, spatial, dissection, dividing, dot-connecting, matchstick, coin, and more. Each aesthetically appealing puzzle is designed to improve problem solving skills; train geometric, combinatorial, and spatial imagination; [Read More...]

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Vexus Puzzles – Isolate and Navigrid


Vexus Puzzle is a web site that features two new and original logic puzzles. The two puzzle available are Navigrid and Isolate.

Navigrid is a logic puzzle in the style of Sudoku and Kakuro. It’s a puzzle that requires you to fill a sequence of numbers into a grid. The trick is that there are only a set number of moves that can be made between two consecutive numbers. These moves are listed below the grid and each can only be used once.

Isolate is a logic puzzle in the style of popular Japanese [Read More...]

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