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Globs – Online Puzzle Game


Globs is a nice relaxing Flash puzzle game to play by

Globs plays like a typical match three puzzle game but it isn’t. Try and make all of the Globs the same color by pressing the buttons gradually. Controls: The aim of Globs is to switch the colors using the buttons along top, make them all the same color in less than 25 presses. Happy Puzzling!


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Shift 3 – Online Puzzle Game


Finally Shift 3 is there and continues where the first two versions of Shift and Shift 2 ended. If you don’t know the puzzle game Shift yet please play the first version Shift before you start with Shift 2 or 3.

Shift 3 is here, and it’s unlike any Shifting experience you’ve had before. An adventure mode takes you to the roots of the Shift experiment, tonnes of achievements to earn and even an unlockable Celebrity secret character. And if [Read More...]

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Slitherlink For iPhone


LoopyManiak is the Slitherlink (also known as ‘Loopy’) logic puzzle game invented by Nikoli (aka ‘Sli-Lin’ by Japanese fans) where you’ve to draw one single unbroken loop from dot to dot within the grid. The numbers indicate how many lines surround each number, while empty cells may be surrounded by any number of lines.

Play on your iPod an unlimited number of Slitherlink puzzles (generated on the fly) over six levels of difficulty and ‘Bonus Feature’, like in all other PuzzleManiak games, challenge other players by downloading everyday an unique puzzle and compare your score to other ones. Features : - [Read More...]

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Duck : Think Outside The Flock – Puzzle Game


Duck : Think Outside The Flock is an original Online Flash Puzzle Game by Bart Bonte, or do we have to call it a Train your Brain game?

Either way, there are twenty five challenging levels to solve for which you need your brain and puzzle skills to solve. Each level involve one or more yellow duck and for you to find out how to make them disappear to the right side of the screen. Some levels will look familiar like Lights-Out and Tic Tac Toe. Happy Puzzling! … kwek kwek [Read More...]

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Evito Ball – Online Puzzle Game


Evito Ball is a funny and addicting Flash puzzle game created by Kabomb for Not Doppler.

In Evito Ball, you try to collect the coins and guide your ball to the exit in each level while dodging enemy attacks from guns, flamethrowers and other dangerous weapons. Happy Puzzling!


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Meta-form : Logic Builder – Puzzle


Meta-form : Logic Builder is a puzzle board game by Michel & Lyons and the latest addition to my puzzle collection.

The object of the game is to succeed in placing 9 wooden shapes onto a 3 x 3 grid using a given set of clues. The game begins with simple puzzles that allow children as young as 4-5 years old to start playing and to understand the underlying logic principles. As the game progresses, new logic concepts are introduced requiring the players to use more sophisticated reasoning skills. The gradual progression of the puzzles allows [Read More...]

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Tom And Jerry – Mouse About The House


Tom And Jerry – Mouse About The House is a nice online Flash Puzzle Game.

Object is to avoid the dangerous obstructions by dragging and dropping the object in the right order to help Jerry get through each of the rooms in the house. Don’t forget to collect as much cheese you can along the way for bonus points. Happy Puzzling!

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