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Wood Block Puzzle Set


This multi-faceted piece turns the concept of traditional alphabet blocks on its head, by featuring an array of multi-functional patterns and colors. Not just a set of wood blocks but two puzzles, numbers and letters too.

The Letters combine our favorite vintage and contemporary fonts. They picked the most distinct letter forms for each letter on two of the block sides. Basic equations can be solved using the two tone graphic numbers. The Apples are a signature notNeutral pattern that create a fun puzzle. The last two sides are a combination of two Season pattern elements, the flora [Read More...]

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Two Piece Jigsaw Necklace


Two Piece Jigsaw Necklace by Plastic Bat is an adorable set of two necklaces that fit together, well, like a jigsaw! Keep one for yourself and give the other to your best friend or significant other person. Each necklace comes on a 46 cm (18 inch) silver plated chain, and the plastic jigsaw pieces are approximately 4 cm wide. Price: 14.00 (US$ 28) and available via Hannah Zakari.

If you like to read more about jigsaw puzzle please read our jigsaw puzzle page. Happy Puzzling!

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Deflection – Online Puzzle Game


Deflection is a fast-paced Flash puzzle game by AverageGames.

Object is to deflect the ball into the goal to win, this by clicking and dragging with the mouse to create deflection walls.

Deflection demands skill and patience as you have to redirect / deflect the ball and get it to the exits within mean time limits. Happy Puzzling!


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ParkingLot – iPhone Puzzle Game


ParkingLot is a small puzzle game for the iPhone and is a Rush-Hour look a like.

Object is to guide a yellow VW Beetle out of jammed parking lots. With 40 puzzles it should keep you busy for a while. Happy Puzzling!

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Rubik’s Cube Used To Get On Right Side Of Octopuses


It may be an infuriating puzzle which has baffled and defeated countless children and their parents over more than two decades, but this octopus appears determined to solve the Rubik’s Cube.

The three-dimensional puzzle, which became a huge success in the early 1980s, is among toys being given to the intelligent sea creatures to determine whether they favour a particular tentacle, or if they are octidextrous.

Experts believe octopuses use a preferred arm for feeding and touching objects and will test the theory with a month-long observation project in Sea Life Centre attractions across Europe.

More than 25 octopuses will [Read More...]

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Fantastic Contraption – Online Puzzle Game


Fantastic Contraption is a brilliant flash-based physics-puzzle game similar to Armadillo Run or The Incredible Machine. You are given a selection of simple tools (wheels and sticks) and have to build a contraption that can overcome an obstacle.

Fantastic Contraption looks a lot like Tinker Toys; it isn’t one of those physics games where you get a million tools but the beauty of Fantastic Contraption comes with its simplicity and it’s easy to imagine a variety of solutions for each puzzle. Object is to get the pink ball to reach the pink goal. Just drag and drop [Read More...]

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Save The Apple – Online Puzzle Game


Save The Apple is a nice but simple Flash puzzle game by

Save the apple from worms spin the arrow keys drop the worms and virus in the hole. Use the left and right arrow keys to spin the wheel. Drop the worms and the virus down the holes before they can get to the apple. Happy Puzzling!


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