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Abominaball Snow Maze – Online Puzzle Game


Abominaball Snow Maze is a nice online Puzzle Game at

Game description: You are stuck in an ice maze with some crazed Yetis, cold, lost and scared. Steer your ball through the maze before your time runs out and avoid those holes (which make you start the at the beginning of the level again) and Yetis at all costs. Icy, furry fun of the abominable kind is just seconds away. Happy Puzzling!

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World Sudoku Championship 2008 Puzzles


The 3rd World Sudoku Puzzle Championship (WSC) is happening as we type in Goa, India.

There are links on the WSC webpage to the Sudoku puzzles used for the Finals. The whole page has the same address so go to Downloads in the sidebar). In the last link ‘all rounds’ from the finals, note the time limits (6 regular Sudoku’s of increasing difficulty and 5 mini Sudoku’s in 35 minutes; 7 Sudoku variants and 5 mini’s Sudoku’s in 40 minutes).

Thanks to Leigh Anne for this great Sudoku puzzle tip. Happy Puzzling

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Hexcite – Puzzle Game


Hexcite is an addictive puzzle game.

It’s simple to play as you have only seven different shaped tiles that you place on a hexagonal game board. A great number of players have found the game thoroughly addicting and highly stimulating and mentally challenging. Hexcite has taken Japan by storm with an actual board game version. You can download a free trial or buy the complete puzzle game.

You can also play the same kind of puzzle games for free. Just try Patchworkz or Frescoz.


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Crazy Boxes – Online Puzzle Game


Crazy Boxes is a puzzle game clone of Lights Out. Only this time there is no pattern, the way the lights are switched on or off.

Click the red boxes and try and to turn the entire square red. If you run into trouble you can use the solution button. This sounds easy but its more difficult than you think. Happy Puzzling!


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Championship version of ‘Blokus’


Blokus Portable: Steambot Championship” is an electronic version of the four-player board game and its two-player travel edition for Sony’s PSP.

Two to four players take turns laying down odd-shaped pieces on a grid. The object is to lay down as many pieces as possible before running out of room to place any more. Pieces can be placed only if they match corners with a like-colored piece and don’t touch it otherwise, and if they don’t overlap any other pieces.

The “Steambot Championship” element comes from the cast of player and computer characters, which are [Read More...]

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Vexed – Puzzle Game


After playing PuzzoBombs I went loooking for more of this kind of block moving puzzle games. Finally I ended up with a puzzle game called Vexed at the Janko website.

Object is to move blocks from the same color together (with same letter – for people who suffer from color blindness) so they disappear. You can move block only to the left or right (you can’t move blocks up or down, they only fall down when there is an open space below them. But be aware no single block can [Read More...]

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Tilted Twister – a Lego Mindstorms Rubik’s Cube Robot


The most famous and ‘best looking’ Rubik’s Cube solver is still Rubot II, but there is a now a new very good looking Rubik’s Cube robot called Tilted Twister. It’s completely made of Lego (of course using LEGO Mindstorms NXT) and is great to look at due to its simplicity. I think almost a minimum of Lego bricks are used.

Tilted Twister this has been designed by Hans Andersson. At YouTube you can find a video of Tilted Twister showing how the robot scans the [Read More...]

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