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Sudoku Craving


If you like Sudoku puzzles, the current star in the world of puzzles, go to Sudoku Craving to get your fix. Every day Sudoku Craving will feature a new Sudoku game, which for registered members will be sent directly to them via email. There is also a large archive of Sudoku games, so you won’t have to limit your Sudoky solving techniques to one game a day. Registered members will also have their scores and times saved and ranked, so they can compare themselves to other Sudoku players and track their overall progress. Sudoku Craving promises to [Read More...]

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Switch – Online Puzzle Game


Switch is a nice and interesting Flash based puzzle game that need your puzzle skills.

Object is to maneuver a ball through a maze. Your ball can only pass over these colored walls if it has the same color as those walls. Hit the appropriate switch to change the color of your ball and find your way out of the maze.

Plan your moves out if necessary, as youíll end up getting blocked in later levels if you donít. When you reach the purple tile you will move to the next level. Happy puzzling [Read More...]

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Ice Princess – Bloxorz look-a-like Puzzle Game


If you liked Bloxorz you will also like Ice Princess puzzle game which is a Bloxorz look-a-like with as an extra a story line.

Ice Princess game description : The beautiful princess Mariebelle has been kidnapped by a magician who keeps her in an ice palace. She must be freed or her heart will turn to ice and she’ll lose her feelings of love and kindness.

A bold prince must find his way through maze-like paths to reach her. Use ice [Read More...]

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PuzzlePerser a Persian Puzzle Rug


Katrin Sonnleitner created this extremely modular jigsaw type flooring.

It’s a Persian carpet called PuzzlePerser, made out of 1225 individual jigsaw puzzle pieces per square meter. The jigsaw puzzle pieces are made of recyclable mixture of synthetic and natural rubber.

More information via the Katrin Sonnleitner website [click on Project, then PuzzlePerser]. Happy Puzzling!

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Numbers – Online Puzzle Game


Numbers is an addictive puzzle game to test your number adding skills.

Object of Numbers is to add up numbers by picking a combination of numbered blocks, from a grid that would add up to equal the number on the right-hand side of the game screen.

But the real challenge is to pick all the blocks before the timer reaches zero. The next value to be picked is shown on the panel to the right and the timer on top of it. If you fail to deduce the number within the time interval [Read More...]

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Puzzobomb – Puzznix with Bombs


Puzzobomb is a remake of the original block moving game Puzznix and PC puzzle game Brix. Thanks to Jayenkai who made this all work for the PC.

Jay has managed to grab all the levels from the Amstrad CPC game “Puzznix” and the PC game “Brix”. The, now much bigger, game includes 72 of Fraggle’s Puzznix levels, 112 of Michael Riedelís Brix levels, and a pitiful 18 of Jay himself.

Object is to move blocks from the same color together (with same symbol – for people who suffer from color blindness) so they [Read More...]

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Space Station Tokio – Escape The Room Puzzle Game


Space Station Tokio is another Escape The Room type of puzzle game. Originally it’s in Japanese but has some built in English subtitles added.

Story: In the third space station “Tokio”, where 2000 employees work, you are probably a cook of Spanish restaurant “Casablanca”. You are working on the night shift, but fell asleep, woke up and where locked in (reminds me a bit of a movie about a cook [Steven Segal] trapped on navy ship). Your object is (of course) to escape. Happy Puzzling!

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