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Domino Pressure – Online Puzzle Game


Domino pressure is a nice Flash based puzzle game at GameDesign.

Object is to find the domino that, when pushed, will make all the others domino’s topple and squash the tomato at the end. All this has to be decided within twenty second. If you pick the right domino, you will start the next stage with again a twenty seconds to find the correct domino. You can also skip up to three levels by clicking any of the small tomatoes in the bottom right of the game window. Happy Puzzling!

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Questionaut – Online Puzzle Game


At the BBC website there is an interesting ‘Point and Click/Escape the Room’ kind of puzzle game for students called Questionaut.

First of all Questionaut looks great with very nice graphics and comes with eight levels of different kind of questions (writing, grammar, math, science etc.). Object on this magical mission to recover your friend’s hat. To get to the questions you first have to ‘point and click’ and after this you’ll have to answer at least five answers correctly to move with your hot air balloon to the next stage.

Very addictive puzzle game [Read More...]

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Puzzle News


Two fun puzzle news items for today:- A video of a three year old Chinesse girl solving Rubik’s Cube in 114 seconds.- A story with a video about a parrot who can solve chain puzzles faster than visitors at a Tokyo botanical garden [via nzherald].


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The Mind Bender – Online Puzzle Game


The Mind Bender is another Flash puzzle game developed by Armor Games.

Object is to move crates with your telekinesis powers to move through obstacles and to reach the entry to the next level (a pink triangle). Use the mouse (or the WAD-keys) for moving around and your mouse to move the crate (this is your telekinesis power).There are twenty levels in this puzzle platformer. Happy Puzzling!


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Hopickston – Online Puzzle Game


Hopickston is a new original design and a very nice and addictive puzzle game.

Game play isn’t easy at the start but after a few tries it will become clear. At each turn random numbers of hops are given at the top of the game grid. You can move in four directions as long you end up on the free spot. Spots you have moved over become closed. Gather all the red stones from the board to move up to the next level. If you get stuck and can’t move, closed spots are free but number of [Read More...]

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Open Doors – Online Puzzle Game


Open Doors is a simple looking puzzle game with very challenging levels. It contains one game element (spinning doors) from Puzzle Boy.

Game play for this puzzle games is simple. Just move the square to the X with the arrow keys. Moving through lots doors which you can open just by the way you pass them.Use the R key to reset the level you are playing and press the S key to toggles sound on/off. Enjoy this great puzzle game. Happy Puzzling!

Update : Enjoy more [Read More...]

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Puzzle Boy – Online Puzzle Game


Puzzle Boy is another very addictive Flash Puzzle game which will keep you busy this weekend. Some people may recognise Puzzle Boy as it was once made for the Nintendo Game Boy and known as Kwirk.

The game play of Puzzle Boy is simple, but this puzzle game is so addictive! Object is to guide Puzzle Boy (the little boy in a blue hat) from one end of the screen to the goal by navigating through a series of obstacles (spinning doors, boxes, holes). Sounds very easy but as you move to [Read More...]

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