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Second Annual Puzzlethon


For the second annual puzzling event, Puzzlethon has two locations this year.

Intensive Education Academy in West Hartford and High Roads Student Learning Center in Wallingford have each agreed to host the Puzzlethon puzzling event this year. The puzzling will start at 12 Noon until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 1, and there will be puzzles, food and drinks.

Check out the Puzzlethon page for more information, locations, pledge forms and information on online fund raising through First giving. Or go directly to and start now!

All proceeds support the programs and services of the Autism [Read More...]

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Quad – Online Puzzle Game


Quad is a Tetris look-a-like Flash puzzle game.

Object is to bring the four block which are in the corners of the game grid at the beginning of the game to the center of the game grid. Every block has to be placed within a certain time so think fast. Happy puzzling !

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Nimuh, Searching for the Andalusian Treasure


Nimuh, searching for the Andalusian treasure is a puzzle game oriented to education and acknowledge of Andalusia.

“Nimuh” has been released under the Creative Commons license. It’s a puzzle type game and it’s based on the “Theseus and the Minotaur Mazes” game, but improved by adding a 3D view. You can go through forty different Andalusian locations and play all the levels while you learn about the typical Andalusian food, fiestas and history of every place.

You can find all the information and download the game for Linux, Windows or Mac at [Read More...]

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Rainbow Style Puzzle Jigsaw Piece Earrings


Via I found some interesting and original earring. They are called Rainbow Style Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Earrings.

Both center pieces, a rusty red fading to a dark purple (Rainbows style). Silver eyelet for a finishing touch. Long surgical steel earring hooks with self-closers. Gloss varnish applied to back and sides for extra strength. Approximately 2.5″ in length, including earring hooks. Available for US$ 16.

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Three Paper DIY Puzzles


Two paper DIY puzzle entries on reminded me of a video of a Japanese Paper Tumbler a reader sent me a few months ago.

After some searching on the internet I found the Japanese Tumbler an online version on MetaCafe. Although it’s more a trick than a puzzle it will for sure keep people puzzling, just like the two entries at

The first one is called Crazy Paper Toy (which looks a bit like Rubik Magic). And the other one is called [Read More...]

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BaffleBees – Online Puzzle Game


BaffleBees is an interesting strategy puzzle game where you have to fill all the hexes with honey. It’s looks a bit like a puzzle game called LightOut but I thinks BaffleBees is a more puzzle fun.

The object of BaffleBees is to fill the hive (game board) with honey. At the start there are a number of spaces of the game board that don’t have honey in them. You have to find those spaces and fill the with honey by moving 26 bees around.

Bees fill any hexes they [Read More...]

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Short Path Puzzle – Online Puzzle Game


Short Path is an addictive puzzle game in which you have to find the shortest route to the girl.

Your objective in this funny puzzle game is to find the shortest step between you and your target and complete all of 300 puzzles in this puzzle game. To achieve that you must use your mouse to click the tile on the game board and connect you and your target. After that, click your target to start the move. In the game, you will meet some obstacles or step bonuses. Obstacles will increase your step count [Read More...]

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