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Klax – Online Puzzle Game


Klax is a 1989 computer puzzle video game designed by Dave Akers and Mark Stephen Pierce and now available in Flash by WheelHouseCreatives.

The object of Klax is about arranging tiles dropping off a perpetually running conveyor belt. A Klax is three or more identically colored tiles in a row.

You can catch and hold as many as five toles at a time with your paddle. Then drop them onto one of the five piles below. Three tiles make a Klax, four tiles makes two Klaxes and five tiles compose three Klaxes. Horizontal Klaxes [Read More...]

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Clix – Online Puzzle Game


At funny games I found an addictive puzzle game called Clix

Your aim in Clix is to drag and drop the tiles in order to fill the complete game board. It is really a mind bending puzzle game as you also have to turn and flip the tiles if needed.

Use your mouse to drag and drop the tiles to and from the game board. To flip or rotate a tile, just drag it over the Flip or Turn buttons at the top and complete the puzzle. Happy Puzzling!


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Grid Shift Game – Online Puzzle Game


Grid Shift is a simple Flash Puzzle Game by Shawn Tanner based upon the Nintendo DS Puzzle game Bone Yard (from the Big Brain Academy).

The object is simple: just figure out where the ball will end up based upon the cards at the top of the game (they tell you in what order the ball will move). There are some special Go through the in-game instructions for more help. Points are awarded based upon how quickly you decide what square you pick. Also a difficult puzzle will give you extra bonus [Read More...]

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Paper Blocks – 3D Tetris


Paper Blocks is a very cool looking online 3D Tetris version created in Flash by Gordon L. Hempton.

As usual in Tetris the object is to try and fill in layers of the grid by moving the blocks. At the right top you can already have a look at shape of the next block. Via the menu at the left bottom you can find via settings the instruction on how to move the blocks. There you can also start a new game of Paper Blocks.

Very nice version of 3D Tetris but I still [Read More...]

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Pipedown – Puzzle Game


Pipedown is a great 3D puzzle game where you have to arrange the pipes to allow the ball to drop through the pipes to the bottom. When you are ready, click the ‘drop-button’ to activate the ball drop.

Online you can only play a limited version of Pipedown but you can also buy the full version to enjoy fifty levels including three different play modes and a load and save option. The offline version is available for Windows 9X/ME/NT/2000/XP for US$ 9.95. Happy Puzzling!


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Shift – Online Puzzle Game


At Armor Games I found a great Flash puzzle game called Shift. A simple black and white platform game with easy game play. But I think this puzzle game will be successful while it’s looks so simple. Also game play is simple at with a few trick (the shift-key) it gives this game an extra dimension.

In Shift your are Subject 32763 and your object is to reach the door in each level. The game starts with a few short introduction levels to get you used to using the keys. Move Subject 32763 around [Read More...]

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Happy Pill – Online Puzzle Game


Happy Pill is a simple looking puzzle game by Gabriel Jensen, but it is not as simple as it looks.

Object is to place the happy pill to bounce un-healthy frowns upside down. Use your left mouse button to place a pill on the game grid. Then choose a direction and click to fire. But be aware: hitting a head three times is over-medicating. The rest of the pitfalls and tricks you’ve to figure out yourself. Happy puzzling !


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