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Vision – Escape The Room Puzzle Game


Vision is an addictive and time consuming Escape The Room Puzzle Game. Vision is designed by Japanese developer neutral, and known for as creator of RGB and Sphere.

Somehow your are in a secret room without an exit. Your object is to escape from the secret room. You only click the screen, find and use the concealed items and solve the mystery of the secret room. By clicking the magnifying glass icon on the found items (which are display at the right side of the [Read More...]

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Dilbert and Peanuts With Sudoku Puzzles


If you like comics and Sudoku than probably you will like these two Sudoku Puzzle books.

One of The Puzzle Society books features 50 Dilbert strips and 200 Sudoku puzzles, while the other includes 50 Peanuts strips and also 200 Sudoku puzzles. The two puzzle books combining Sudoku puzzles and comic strips will be released in March 2008 by Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Both Sudoku puzzle books can be (pre) ordered from Amazon: Dilbert Sudoku Comic Digest Peanuts Sudoku Comic Digest

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Rocket Car 2 – Online Puzzle Game


Almost a year ago I already wrote about the puzzle-platform game Rocket Car. If you liked this puzzle game you can now also play online Rocket Car 2 at the MoFunZone website.

Object is to move your car with a rocket under it through 30 levels. Each level is designed with obstacles and moving platforms and much more. But be aware you can only use your rocket if you have fuel for it. The game starts with a training level so you can check out how the game [Read More...]

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Phantom Mansion – The Green Gallery


Phantom Mansion Spectrum of Souls is a Flash puzzle game where the player must guide a little boy called Hector through the rooms of the Phantom Mansion. This time it’s time for part four called The Green Gallery.

In this Flash puzzle game Hector the Spectre Detector must find his way out of the Green Gallery! There are 24 new levels filled with diabolical puzzles using crates, switches and keys to retrieve all the skulls from each chamber.

Phantom Mansion started with The Red Chamber, followed by The Orange Library. Part three was called The Yellow Tower and now there [Read More...]

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Push Up – Online Puzzle Game


Push Up is a Flash Puzzle game originally by Hanfish. You can play this puzzle game via Gamemew.

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Gaia 3D Puzzle


Gaia 3D Puzzle is an innovative 3D puzzle game to play your favorite images as jigsaw puzzles on your computer, but without the problems of the classic jigsaw puzzles. It is also a more convenient way to play puzzles than the other computer puzzle games found on the Internet. It adds a superior level of realism and a more friendly interface to manage your puzzle games.

The number of places is limited to the first people who join the beta program in the member area. The beta version of this puzzle game is fully functional and [Read More...]

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Kermix – Online Puzzle Game


Kermix is a simple Flash puzzle platform game by Cuatic Games. Original they want to call the game BOZO antibody, but their pathologist didn’t think it would be appropriate.

Object is to move a red cube (or multiple red cubes) through thirty different levels towards the target, a green cube. But before you reach the target you must first collect all coins. Nice puzzle game with a lot of options and possibilities. Happy Puzzling!


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