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Planarity – Online Puzzle Game


For the one who love the puzzle game Untangle I found another untangle variant called Planarity by John Tantalo.

Game play is the same, click on the little blue dots, which we call vertices, and then drag them to a new position. Try to arrange the vertices so none of the lines intersect. These lines are also called edges. When none of the lines intersect, then click on the “Check Solution” button at the right bottom. If your solution is correct, you will go to the next level.

You an [Read More...]

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Day of the Bobteds – Online Puzzle Game


Day of The Bobteds is one of the best online Flash puzzle games I played in months.

Day of the Bobteds is an action puzzle game Rob Allen (also known of the Hapland series). Game play is easy, place the ball(s) and destroy the Bobteds. There are eighteen levels of this ball physics puzzle to solve.

Personally I think level twelve is very original as an Arkanoid variant. Happy Puzzling!


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LazerBeamz – Online Puzzle Game


LazerBeamz is a simple but nice Flash Puzzle Game by ArmorGames.

Your object is to help NASA out as they have some problems in space. Many of their orbiting satellites, shuttles and space stations have been disabled by a horrendous solar storm. They are floating adrift without power. You control a particle beam emitter that has been retrofitted to give the stranded devices a little jump start. Stranded devices pulse the color of laser they’re compatible with, so hit them with the correct colored beam to power it up. The particle emitter can’t be rotated [Read More...]

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TNT Runner – Online Puzzle Game


TNT Runner is a Flash Puzzle Game by T-Studio’s for BlitzGamer.

Object is to use the Arrow keys to control the person around the cave (game board) in order to find the exit (square with a circle). Watch out for TNT and other explosions along the way. Each you make a move time the player moves their characters the timers on the TNT count down. The TNT has a blast radius and if your little person is caught in the blast radius you will die and you will have to redo the same [Read More...]

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Gravity Orb – Online Puzzle Game


If you liked Ball Revamped 5 : Synergy you will probably also like Gravity Orb.

Object of Gravity Orb is to guide the orb through each level, collecting batteries to power up the elevator, and coins to boost your score. Avoid hitting the orb against obstacles in your way! To finish each level you have to reach the teleporter.

Use the arrow keys to move and the CTRL key to toggle switches. Happy Puzzling


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Ball Revamped 5 : Synergy


Ball Revamped 5 Synergy takes the Ball Revamped puzzle game formula into a new direction. This time with evolving power ups and branched game play.

Game play for this Arcade kind of puzzle game is straight forward but you need some skills to manage the ball through all levels. You can use the arrow keys (or the A-S-D-W keys) to move the ball to the exit level without touching dangerous walls and objects.

Ball Revamped 5 Synergy has several hubs that allow you to explore new worlds based on your performance and [Read More...]

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Squareblox – Puzzle Game


Squareblox is not only an original Flash puzzle game but also an addictive puzzle game at the NewGrounds website.

The object of Squareblox is simple. You’ll have to try to get a ball to the exit, but you can’t control the balls movement, just the obstacles in it’s way.

The number of possibilities to do this are to much to explain over here, so I recommend you to read the instructions at the beginning of the game for more details. This will only take you one minute but well spend as it at [Read More...]

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