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Teleporter – Online Puzzle Game


Via Hypergames I found a nice Flash puzzle game called Teleporter.

Object is to collect all the stars with your character which is a red circle. It will follow yoir mouse slowly. Click to make your character teleport to the location of your mous (this to be able to cross walls, you will have to restart the level if your character touches any wall). You can only teleport when the red circle is completely red.

Nice game, although the red circle moves very slowly. Happy puzzling !


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The Magic Toy Factory – Online Puzzle Game


Some puzzles of my collection come from Hamley’s in London. But if your not able to go there, Hamley’s have also an online store. To promote their site they added an advergame, called The Magic Toy Factory, which is a Puzzle Bubble clone.

Burst the bubbles and catch enough toys to keep our seven floor shop packed to the brim with the finest toys in the world. - use the mouse to aim the cannon at the bottom - aim to match three of the same colors - click to fire the cannon

Happy Puzzling!

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Untangle – Online Puzzle Game


Chris Benjaminsen wrote a simple puzzle game in Flash as a test called Untangle. The current version 1.2 has 17 levels, but will keep you puzzling for a while.

Game play is super simple: Make sure the lines does not overlap. When a line color of an overlapped line is white, when there is no overlap the color changes to gray (which helps you a lot).

When all lines are untangled you move automatically to the next level. Untangle comes with a chilled soundtrack. Happy Puzzling!


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Pole Star Sudoku


At the @nrich (enrich) webpage of you can find more than thirty different kind of Sudoku’s. A lot of them are designed by Henry Kwok. One of them is called Pole Star Sudoku (also known as Duplex Difference Sudoku).

The Pole Star Sudoku is a variation of Sudoku on a standard 9×9 grid which contains a set of special clue-numbers. These are small numbers placed always on the border lines between selected pairs of neighboring cells of the grid. Each clue-number is the difference between the two [Read More...]

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World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle (Puzzle Book)


Via Puzzlinks I found the story in the Yemen Observer about a Yemeni man who may have broken the record for the world’s largest crossword puzzle. Abdul-Karim Qasem has created a crossword puzzle that has 320,500 squares and an 800,720 word clue book. The puzzle took him seven years to complete and he needed to spend two days in bed after finishing it.

Six months ago I already wrote about the record setting crossword puzzle you can buy online via Hammacher has over 91,000 squares. Still, Qasem’s puzzle [Read More...]

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Threesome – Puzzle Game


Threesome is a puzzle game designed by Oskar van Deventer (also known from Oskar’s Cube).

Game story: You and two friends are stuck in a building. The three of you want to move to another room. Can you work together reaching your goal? Maneuver the three players (multi colored dots) onto their X target. Place a dot on a colored marker to open doors of matching color. Two doors of the same color needs 2 dots on matching markers. You can also move a dot between doors and leave it there. Change player [Read More...]

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Cursor*10 – Puzzle Game


Cursor*10 is another puzzle game by Neko Games. The goal of Cursor*10 is to reach the 16th floor. Click at the stairs and move to the the 16th floor. You can help yourself by using your previous cursors.

Your previous cursor-lives run through the same puzzle you are in, repeating the same actions you completed before. You will have to use them to help you solve the puzzle. Just start Cursor*10 and it will explain itself. Happy Puzzling!


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