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Warehouse Will – Online Puzzle Game


Warehouse Will is another block moving Puzzle Game. Object of Warehouse Will is to push the crates on the warehouse floor over the squares marked in yellow. Crates may only be pushed but not pulled.

Game Instructions: - Move Will around the warehouse using the arrow keys. To move a crate, simply push the arrow in the direction of the crate. - Warehouse Will is only strong enough to push one crate at a time. - The level ends automatically when all the crates have been placed, in the marked locations. - You can change to other levels using the “Prev”, [Read More...]

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Launchball – Online Puzzle Game


Launchball is a new physics-based puzzle game designed for the Science Museum in London. Launchball is a fabulously produced take on the ‘guide something to the goal’ family of physics games.

For each of the thirty levels, you are given a limited set of movable blocks. The existing blocks on the level are immobile. Drag and drop blocks from your inventory at the bottom of the screen onto the level to place them. Besides the standard ramps and springs, there are many different types of blocks available to solve the puzzle of each level. There [Read More...]

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Anti-Tetris – Online Puzzle Game


Via 9Mine I found an addictive puzzle game called Anti-Tetris. This Flash puzzle game is an interesting twist to the traditional Tetris game. Instead of trying to eliminate blocks of same color, the goal is to keep the blocks from being eliminated.

The goal of Anti-Tetris is to use the blocks to fill up the space below the red line. Unlike the regular Tetris game you try to eliminate the blocks in this game, you try to keep them from being eliminated.

In any row or columns blocks of the same color are connected [Read More...]

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Quarda – Online Puzzle Game


Quarda is a small but lovely Flash Puzzle Game, designed and produced by Nick Kouvaris from the Lightforce website.

Object of Quarda is to assemble all small squares of the same color in vertical lines (columns). Do that by rotating squares inside the with white lines marked box in clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Use keyboard arrow keys to move box, ‘Z’ and ‘X’ keys to rotate. Make five columns to win, click arrows to select level anytime. Click on ‘shuffle’ to shuffle all colored squares in a new random pattern.

In Quarda the term rows [Read More...]

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World’s First Touchscreen Cube


Andrew Fentem is a cutting-edge electronics engineer in research and interface development. The primary aim of his research work has been the creation of intellectual property relating to the design of electronic entertainment devices. Of particular technical significance are the pioneering research-based advances in the fields of multi-touch touch screens, multi-object-tracking, kinetic surfaces, and RFID hardware.

A by-product of these activities has been the creation of a sizable collection of innovative high-specification prototype systems, and what might be called ‘machine art’.

One of the prototypes is Fentix Cube. But this time the Rubik’s Cube is not mechanic but electronic with [Read More...]

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Numbrosia – Math Puzzle Game


A few weeks ago I already blogged about a new Number Puzzle Game Numbrosia for your Facebook account. I also mentioned that it would be great to have Numbrosia as an online puzzle game for everybody.

To my surprise I received two weeks later an email from the developer Amir to tell that puzzle game Numbrosia is online and can be played by everybody without any registration.

Update: Numbroisa in not available anymore on Facebook or online, but only for the iPhone and iPod via the iTune store.

In short Numbrosia is a number/slider [Read More...]

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Pieceless Puzzle


Toy Manufacturer created a new type of puzzle called the Pieceless Puzzle. The Pieceless puzzle itself is in one piece, but taken apart, it is one continuous long piece. The Pieceless Puzzle is actually one long strand of wiggly ‘branches’ that never separates. As you lay the Pieceless Puzzle out on a stable surface, you will see how the branches interlock. The challenge is to figure out how they all fit together.

An infomercial of the Pieceless Puzzle is available via Youtube.

The Pieceless Puzzle is available from


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